How to change name on house deed after inheritance succession

How to change name on house deed. Inheritance succession is one of the events that might trigger a change to the name on title deeds. How do you successfully put your name on the title records? Do you need a notarial deed to do so? Is the inheritance declaration enough to put your name on title records?

How to change name on house deedThis is a topic that generates a lot of confusion when it comes to Italian inheritance management, mostly due to the fact that in Italy there are two main Property Registers aimed at two different purposes: the Catasto Register, mainly used for tax purposes (for which the inheritance declaration is enough to put your name on records), and the Conservatoria Register, mainly used for property title history recording and mortgages. In order to update details in the Conservatoria Register you need a notarial deed, i.e., for inheritance succession, you need a formal inheritance acceptance notarial deed, in order to correctly put your name on the property you inherited. If you need more information on this topic, you can read the article or get in contact with one of our legal experts