If you are an heir, there are certain practical steps to take as soon as possible. Some of them concern registering a change of name for utility bills and contracts.

The change of name is not as easy as it may appear. Very often different suppliers apply different procedures. Deciding not to change the registration name for utilities is not an option, because it could imply fiscal consequences for the heir.

It is always necessary to have the following documents at your disposal:

  • ID and Tax Code of the deceased;
  • ID and Tax Code of one of the heirs;
  • at least one utility bill;
  • cadastral information concerning the building served by the utility provider.

The difference between “voltura” and “subentro” is worth mentioning here. The voltura implies the transfer of the supply contract from one owner to the other without any interruption of the supply itself. The subentro, on the other hand, consists in the re-activation of the supply after a previously submitted request of termination of the existing contract.

Electricity and gas supply: it is necessary to submit a specific request both in case of “voltura” and of “subentro”.

The voltura is usually applied in case of family members cohabiting with the deceased holder of the energy supply contract. Since they already enjoyed the supply before the death of the contract holder, it is simply necessary to change the name on the contract without any further payment. In this case the documents required are:

  • self declaration of residence address
  • copy of the ID of the person who is applying for the change of the name on the contract
  • self executed affidavit in which it is stated the degree and type of kinship that the applicant has with the deceased.

In the case of “subentro”, which implies a re-activation of the supply contract, the application for a “subentro” is equivalent to the application for a new contract. Of course the stipulation of a new supply contract (that is to say, the “subentro”) will entail some costs, which will depend on the terms and conditions of the supplier.

Phone: generally speaking it is possible to change the registration name via phone (calling from the deceased’s phone line) or via internet.

The following documents will be required:

  • a telephone bill
  • ID and Tax Code of the deceased
  • ID and Tax Code of the heir

In case of submission via post it is necessary to attach to the application:

  • information concerning the utility (copy of the bill)
  • death certificate of the telephone contract holder
  • copy of ID and Tax Code of the heir
  • heir’s contact information

The person who succeeds in the contract will take upon him/herself all liabilities concerning the utility. So if there are outstanding bills, the new owner will be required to paying utilities.

Waste: each municipality has its own procedures and can provide information about how to proceed. Generally speaking, an heir will be required to submit an application for the termination of the waste collection service. If this application, “denuncia di cessazione” is not made, waste collection bills will continue to be issued. An heir cannot apply to terminate waste collection if:

  • at least one person still resides at the Inheriting property
  • the property or premises are not currently occupied, but could theoretically be used.

Very often heirs are requested to provide a copy of the cadastral plan in order to move forward with the procedure to terminate waste collection services.


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